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Hey y’all! So I’ve registered for some totally fun races lately! (Although, I’ve not had anyone reach out about my #ISOEmergencyContact yet!!) I wanted to share a little about this race I’m doing! Except, its not a race, it is a relay! Yes, yes, I’m not the worlds fastest, and we all know I may or may not be a bit too clumsy to pass a baton, BUT this relay is totally different and has so many great benefits that I cannot resist sharing! 
On May 19, 2016 I will be joining the United Relay of America.  Oh, but you are not in my city you say? Problem solved! This relay will be a part of history as it goes from California & Washington all the way to the Big Apple! Around 9,000 folks will team up and create three legs of relays, in 33 states, for 12,000 unbroken miles, day and night across the United States of America! Thats 1,210 total stages of runners! (Okay SERIOUSLY? How cool is that?) Please do not even tell me you do not want to participate in making history! So Click the link above and check out which of the triple leg route may be coming near you! (Incase anyone is reading my Emergency Contact Blog I’m running the blue leg in Dallas ;) ) I have to apologize, as the kick-off has already begun! So this stretch will be from April 27, 2016 through June 4, 2016. (Oh yes, and you could win a chance to meet Rihanna in NYC!) 
Next up beyond making history is Charity. C’mon, do a good deed and #sharegood today! This relay and 100% of its funds raised will be returned to charities for Children's Hospitals across the United States.  We DO want to help better the generations that are to follow us right? (I do!)  Personally, I have a serious LOVE for the City of Boston.  It’s a city after my own heart, so I signed up (as you should), and chose Boston Children’s Hospital as my Charity.  As much as I wish everyone would sign up, I understand that we all cannot sign up. So, if you are unable to join the history making festivities, feel free to donate to the charity I chose for my limb, here:  https://unitedrelay.org/u/profile.asp?u=LacyCourtney I also understand that finances are not the same for everyone, which is fine, but you’re still free to SHARE this message with others, or go support the local runners! Please do not forget, Charity donations are tax write offs ;)
Just because the relay has begun does not mean you cannot Find one that suits you! <— Click here! All the cool kids are doing it (ayyyeeee thats me ;) ). Plus I’ve got 30% discounts for you with this link! http://www.unitedrelay.org/?p=30
Beyond the race itself, Aftershokz partnered up with United Relay of Americato help raise awareness on keeping runners safe. This relay is the perfect example (along with many other fun runs on the rise lately).  This is not a closed course like most.  This relay will take place during all hours and conditions on roadside courses.  IE, as runners we need to be aware of our surroundings to things that are potentially unsafe.  With that being said, Aftershokz has created a bluetooth, wireless, and open eared concept for earphones! (I know how genius) So, these earphones sit in front of your ears with the speakers faced towards your ear, allowing you to actually hear what is going on behind you as well as your speedy jams. OR you know that beautiful specimen of a male coming in hot behind you, because you know you want to check that out. If you don’t tell me, i may gander! ;) Okay, in all seriousness, do not act like you don’t nearly get side swiped by bikers from time to time. Also, they do not have to sit inside your ears, which will help with long run ear soreness inside the ear and ear wax buildup (gross) as well! No wires are so helpful, you have no need to fumble with a wire or have your arm catch your wire as you swing in that beautiful stride of yours! So, you can keep on running trails, roadside, and on tracks with a bit less worry! Essentially, these are made for the sweaty, safety conscious runners. Oh plus you can talk on them, have no fear everyone you call can fully understand you (I know it’s weird that I talk and run, but I do, it helps slow my pace down!) 
Check out this blog post for more info ;)
P.S. You do not have to be a “runner” to join the relay, this would help set an attainable goal for you to get in shape for that bikini body you’re working towards this summer! You don’t really have something else you want to do that will benefit you (and others) in multiple ways do ya? 
#SweatPink #VivaciouslyLiving #UnitedRelay #Aftershokz